George R. Hopkins
Chasing the Devil's Breath

In the remote town of Mompox, Colombia, a mysterious man, known only as El Apredido, “The Learned One,” is producing the Devil’s Breath, a genetically altered drug that puts its victims in hypnotic states and robs them of their free will and their memory.  Jesuit priest Jack Bennis goes to Mompox at the request of the woman he loves to stop this drug, only to find himself and the woman targets of assassins. When the woman is shot, a twelve-year-old orphan helps Fr. Bennis elude his pursuers in the subterranean tunnels of the ancient Muisca people. But when Bennis’ sister-in-law and brother, a retired New York City detective, leave Staten Island to help him, they all become ensnared in a deadly struggle among rivals seeking to use the Devil’s Breath for different malevolent purposes which will have worldwide implications.

 Readers' Favorite
Reviewed by Viga Boland

It's not often you pick up a mystery/thriller as full of suspense, romance, and even humor as Chasing the Devil's Breath. George R. Hopkins has woven them all together very neatly in this almost impossible to put down novel, and it works!...Readers will want to keep going non-stop to find out how it all works out in the end. Dialogue is plentiful; description is colorful; and characters are believable and likeable. Enjoy!  I certainly did."

Readers' Favorite
Reviewed by Jack Magnus

I've long been a fan of Hopkins' mystery/thriller series featuring Cavanaugh and his former black ops/now Jesuit priest brother, Jack Bennis, so I was delighted to discover this new title featuring the brothers....Armchair adventurer-sleuths will have a field day reading this mystery/thriller as the two brothers find their activities merge in a most unsettling way. I'm looking forward to the next novel...Each story so far has been first-rate. Chasing the Devil's Breath is most highly recommended.

Readers' Favorite
Reviewed by Joel R. Dennstedt

Needless to say, this is a book meant to thrill and entertain...Danger and violence abound, leading one on a fast train to disaster.

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