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The eighth book in the Cavanaugh series.

Father Jack Bennis discovers a murder victim in his church, but leaves abruptly to travel for Colombia, South America, to find a missing boy he feels responsible for.  His sudden departure leads to his becoming the chief suspect in the murder, but pale against his struggles in Colombia with a sex trafficking and drug cartel trying to kill him and his efforts to rescue the woman he is in love with.  Meanwhile, the priest's brother, Tom Cavanaugh, a former NYC homicide detective, attempts to clear his brother only to put himself and his family in mortal danger.  A matter of honor they discover, is not the same for everyone.

"Utterly delightful" Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

"A great read for fans of murder, mystery, and thrillers...A Matter of Honor is a suspenseful narrative that is cunningly developed...George R. Hopkins has a unique gift for storytelling, one that is enriched by the
clear narrative voice and the gorgeous prose....It is real. It is filled with humanity.  It is utterly delightful."


The seventh book in the Cavanaugh series.  

"The latest installment of the Bennis-Cavanaugh mystery series follows a similar page-turning formula as its predecessors.  However, the rumination of the characters about truth and deception, love and hate, faith and fate, mental illness and human behavior, and morality and redemption that permeate the novel resonate profoundly and reflect the mysteries of our society.  As usual, Hopkins has his finger on the pulse of man's flawed condition in the world today."
-Laura Boyd

"I have read all of the books in this series and love them all but I must say that this is my favorite!  There are so many of life's lessons and viewpoints on morality that it would be a great selection for a book club. The characters are so well developed that I feel I know them."
-Lily Smith

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Chasing the Devil's Breath

The sixth book in the Cavanaugh series.

"It's not often you pick up a mystery/thriller as full of suspense, romance, and even humor as Chasing the Devil's Breath. George R. Hopkins has woven them all together very neatly in this almost impossible to put down novel, and it works!"
-Viga Boland

"Jesuit priest Jack Bennis is an offbeat, nuanced, and sympathetic hero in this fast-paced and engaging mystery."
-Clarion Review

"George R. Hopkins’ suspense/thriller Chasing the Devil’s Breath is a fast-paced, can’t-put-down read that incorporates everything a reader could want: murder, mystery, mayhem, and romance."
Carol Hoyer for Reader Views

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Unholy Retribution

The fifth in the Cavanaugh series.

"Fast paced, thrilling and very entertaining,
Unholy Retribution is a great novel...With his crisp dialogue, sound development and great writing skills, Hopkins has given us a piece of literature that reflects the truth."
-Rabia Tanveer

"Hopkins' characters are authentic and believable, and his plot is both complex and fast-paced. I've read and enjoyed other Bennis/Cavanaugh mysteries in the past and found this one to be every bit as entertaining as its predecessors.
Unholy Retribution: A Murder Mystery/Suspense/Thriller is most highly recommended."
-Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

"Unholy Retribution is an excellent and incredibly fast paced mystery novel about culture in the world, and it's timely insofar as the conflict in the novel is a microcosm of what's happening internationally."
-Ryan Jordan, author of

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Random Acts of Malice

The fourth in the Cavanaugh series.
"Nearly every page is action packed in a way that contributes to the storytelling and I was hooked from beginning to end."
-Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite.
"Brutal murders, solved and not quite avenged by a creaky-kneed New York cop and his brother, a priest who used to be  'special ops.' .... As the ending of the book loomed, I thought I had it pegged, and when I got there, I realized that I totally didn’t have it pegged. The book concluded in a way that was much better—more poetic and more emotional—than I imagined. My wife just reminded me that I actually said the word, “Wow,” as I shut my kindle."
-Tyler Pike, author of
Girl in the Air


The third book in the Cavanaugh series.

Set against the background of the hunt for the serial killer Lex Talionis, Letters from the Dead sports a cast of larger-than-life characters: hard-nosed, hot-headed New York City Detective Tom Cavanaugh; Cavanaugh's half-brother, Jack Bennis, a Jesuit priest with a checkered past; a 90-year-old woman in a nursing home guarding deadly secrets; and a ninja-like serial killer bent on revenge for the cyber-bullying suicide of his daughter. Together, in this fast-paced mystery-thriller, they confront a wide array of physical, emotional, and psychological conflicts -- including anger, aging, marriage, pregnancy, love...and murder.

"Letters from the Dead is a thriller that entangles you in a web of intermingling story tracks and keeps you guessing til the end. A clever plot that keeps the reader engrossed throughout and leaves one wanting more." --Reviewed by Readers' Favorite
Collateral Consequences

2009 Premier Book Award

The second story in the Cavanaugh series.

Thomas Cavanaugh and cast live lives surrounded by murder, memories, revenge, and redemption. Embark on their journeys as they engage and entangle to reveal the true villians and the unlikely heroes."
-Katy Coyle

"More than a good thriller, Hopkins gives us just enough clues to keep the reader engaged and challenged, with the occasional twist and enough suspense to make the book hard to put down. This book has it all."
-Cynthia Westland, author of
Al Dente: a Murder in Boston.
"Taut, jarring, and engaging, Collateral Consequences is a well crafted thriller with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the very end. Highly recommended. "
-Apex Reviews

Blood Brothers

2006 Drago Literary Book Award

The first book in the Cavanaugh series.
"Chapter headings – and a few musings from Fr Bennis – provide insightful quotations from literature. The character descriptions are often spot on, visually and emotionally, not least Mary’s appraisal of ‘Bugsy’ – who ‘had an unconscious habit of scratching and rearranging his genitals while he was talking to you.’  I heartily recommend Fr Bennis, detectives Goldberg and Cavanaugh."
-Nik Morton, author of
Blood of the Dragon Trees
"Intrigue, suspense, murder and mystery, those words only partially describe what I found within the pages of Blood Brothers."
-Alex Flint, author of
The Frozen Dozen.
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