George R. Hopkins

Random Acts of Malice

"I learned early in life things don't always turned out the way we planned.  This is one theme running through Random Acts of Malice." --George R. Hopkins


When a criminal judge Carlo Abbruzza receives a letter from a female prisoner, telling him of a death threat another prisoner has made on his life because he was the presiding judge in her conviction of the manslaughter of a ten-month-old child, he calls his old childhood friend Detective Cavanaugh for help. After a preliminary investigation, Cavanaugh finds that not all is what it seems and the hardened, sleep-deprived detective is suspicious. The letter writer, Latitia, has a history of fraud which makes the case even more confusing … until people related to the conviction start getting killed.

Cavanaugh’s brother, Jesuit priest Jack Bennis, thinks he knows the killer, an evil remorseless man who once left him for dead in the jungles of Colombia. As the mystery unfolds, more and more people die. Can the detective and the priest stop this ruthless killer and the force behind him before he completes his mission? 

Random Acts of Malice begins with the deliberate hit-and-run killing of Cindy Waters, a teacher and the foreperson at Tamika Washington’s trial. Father Bennis goes to the accident to administer last rights and recognizes a face from his past – Earle Nelson.  Nelson once tried to kill Bennis when they were members of a covert assassination group.

When Judge Abbruzza receives a letter from Latitia Jones, a prisoner at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, he calls on his boyhood friend, Cavanaugh, to investigate because he does not trust the people around him in the courthouse.

One by one, key people involved in the manslaughter conviction of Tamika Washington begin to die. Initially, no connection is made with the death of Cindy Waters, but then the prosecution’s key witness at the trial is gunned down.  Fr. Bennis pursues his own investigation and locates Earle Nelson’s apartment, but his presence contaminates the evidence. Then the arresting officer is killed on a train coming home from work.

Nelson himself contrives to find the person who has hired him and tracks down some of his accomplices.  He kills Tamika Washington’s defense attorney and devises an elaborate, but simple plan to kill the Judge.  The Master Mind behind the murders is William George Fuller, a self-made billionaire who enjoys risks and is trying to get the Judge to step down from an upcoming trial of a relative of a South American cartel boss to gain favor and to secure an even stronger hold on the distribution of drugs in America.

The story includes many unexpected twists and turns as Cavanaugh, Bennis, Nelson, and Fuller try to outwit one another.

Readers' Favorite

Reviewed By Natasha Jackson

When you begin to read the first few pages of Random Acts of Malice, you know that author George R. Hopkins has prepared a thrill ride for you. A woman, Cindy, is rushing from Mass to teach a class of young children when she is brutally murdered. Just from that, I was already hooked.

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