George R. Hopkins

The Staten Island Butcher

They say no good deed goes unpunished.  Or does it? A killer is wandering the normally quiet streets of Staten Island.  He kidnaps women and leaves their severed bodies floating in water. When Fr. Jack Bennis take a homeless, dishonorably discharged Vietnam veteran to lunch, little does he suspect he is about to become involved in the search for this killer whom the press has labeled "The Staten Island Butcher."

The killer's latest victim is a former student of Father Dennis.  Will Bennis and his brother, Tom Cavanaugh, locate the girl and the killer before it's too late?  Could the police be right in assuming that "The Staten Island Butcher" is actually the homeless vet Father Bennis has befriended?

All is not what it appears to be in this fast-paced rollercoaster ride of suspense and unexpected turns.

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 Readers' Favorite
Reviewed by Viga Boland

The Staten Island Butcher is one heck of a psychological thriller.

 "Fast-paced and exciting story"
Reviewed by Jack Magnus

The Staten Island Butcher is a fast-paced and exciting story about a terrifying serial killer...Hopkins paints a masterful portrayal of a veteran whose medals and triple tours in Vietnam end in a dishonorable discharged a denial of the support system veterans often need...The author's plot is neat and filled with twists and surprises, and his characters are credible and finely rendered. The Staten Island Butcher is highly recommended.

 "Full of twists and surprises"
Reviewed by Fran Cackowski

Great fast read.  Full of twists and surprises.  I could not put it down.  The characters are real people that everyone can relate to.  Not superheroes.  Just real people doing their best.

 "An easy and enjoyable read"
Reviewed by James R. Coyle

Great book by a talented writer.  This was an intriguing story with lots of twists and turns. It was nice to see some of the characters back. An easy and enjoyable read.  Can't wait for the next book by George R. Hopkins.

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